E-Learning Solutions

E-Learning has quickly come to the forefront of offering solutions to various corporate training needs. For learners, it has proven to be a great enabler of learning by yielding wider access and facilitating continual learning. Our Online Training System provides an “infrastructure” through which corporate organizations can develop interactive and engaging platforms for their employees and deliver effective skill-building and performance-enhancing training.

With our online training in place, your employees don’t have to travel long distances to take training, there’s also no need to schedule rooms or travel to another city, it is immediate – employees can complete courses and take assessments from the comfort of their living room, or even in transit on their smartphones or tablet PCs.

Our Online Training System is an ideal solution for all types of learners. We seamlessly combine powerful online lectures with traditional book learning to provide you with the industry's most effective training solution. Our training is all about giving you what you need when you want it. It is truly on-demand. You can start, pause and replay at any time. Our Corporate E-Learning Solution:

§  Provides access to learning contents anytime, anywhere 

§  Facilitates better, long-term retention of information

§  Is adaptable to various learning styles

§  Requires very less employee time

§  Offers constructive feedback

And because everything takes place online, management can also get an up-to-date analysis on how the training is going on, and track the progress of individual employees.

E-Learning/LMS Deployment

We also deploy E-Learning/LMS tools for organisations that are willing to host their own platform in-house.

Our E-Learning /LMS tool offers:

  • Discussion forums,
  • Feedback and assignments,
  • Personalized dashboards,
  • Progress tracking and performance analysis,
  • Certificates highlighting new skills & achievements,
  • and many more.

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